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Silhouette Fundraiser for the Friends of the Library a Success

Kids of all ages, from babies to adults, thoroughly enjoyed having their silhouette portraits created at the Christa McAuliffe Branch Library on Friday and Saturday, April 28 and 29.  The event, sponsored by the Friends of the Framingham Library, featured Massachusetts artist Jean Comerford, who cuts these lovely portraits freehand, with no shadow or tracing.  In just minutes Ms. Comerford captured the image of her models, and they walked away with a special treasure.


Silhouette Portraits thumbnail Photo

Silhouette Portraits

Christa McAuliffe Branch Library
746 Water Street, Framingham

Friday April 28, 12noon-5:00pm & Saturday April 29, 10:00am-5:00pm

A Fundraising Event to benefit the Friends of the Framingham Library

Hand-cut artist Jean Comerford, these lovely portraits make wonderful gifts and precious mementos. All work is done free-hand and wiggly little ones are welcome!

By appointment only: Please contact Marsha Farmelant at (508) 875-1918 or

Pricing: Silhouette…$35                 Duplicate of original silhouette…$15
               5x7 Frame…$35                8x10 Frame…$45
     For one silhouette                       For 2-3 silhouettes