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Library Information Resources


Books and Videos

Call Number Author Title
323.6 Becoming 2014   Becoming a U.S. citizen: A guide to the law, exam, and interview.
BASIC ED LIFE 323.6 U.S. 2011  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services  Civics and citizenship toolkit [kit] : a collection of educational resources for immigrants 
JOB 323.6 Kaplan 2009  Becoming a U.S. citizen : understanding the naturalization process. 
DVD 323.6 Citizenship California Language Laboratories Citizenship, interactive DVD : an overview of the United States history and government.
323.6 Citizenship 2009 Kimmel, Barbara Brooks. Citizenship made simple: An easy-to-read guide to the U.S. citizenship process.
JOB 323.6 Weintraub 2009 Weintraub, Lynne. Citizenship : passing the test : civics & literacy
JOB 323.6 Weintraub 2009 Weintraub, Lynne. Citizenship Passing the Test: Literacy skills
DVD 323.6 U.S. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Civics and citizenship multimedia presentation
342.082 How 2010 How to get a green card: Legal ways to stay in the U.S.A.
JOB 323.6 McGraw-Hill 2009 Hilgeman, Karen. McGraw-Hill's U.S. citizenship test with DVD
JOB 323.6 Learning 2011 Pass the U.S. citizenship exam.
eBook Skolnick, Solomon M. The Great American Citizenship Quiz
323.6 U.S. 2007 U.S. citizenship: A step-by-step guide.
342.082 U.S. 2015 U.S. immigration made easy.

U.S. History and Government
Call Number Author Title
LITERACY LIFE 342.73023 Plummer Plummer, Simmie G. The Constitution made easier.
Bernotas, Bob. The Federal government: How it works.
LITERACY LIFE 973 2001 Bailey Bailey, Judith. From the beginning: A first reader in American history.
973.07 One
One nation many people.
Y328.73 Ritchie Ritchie, Donald A. The Senate.
323.1 Level 1 U.S. U.S. Government Structure, Level 1 
323.1 Level 11 U.S. U.S. Government Structure, Level 2 
323.1 Level 1 U.S. United States History,1600-1987 Level 1 
323.1 Level 11 U.S. United States History,1600-1987 Level 2 
REF 353 United 2014 (McA Branch) United States Government Manual.
Literacy Life 323.6 Bliss 2010 Bliss, Bill. Voices of freedom : English and civics.

Call Number Author Title
Y973.099 Davis Davis, Todd. The new big book of U.S. Presidents.
REF 973.099
DeGregorio, William A. The complete book of U.S. Presidents.

Books on individual Presidents are in the biography section, under the President’s last name.



Commonwealth of Massachusetts. www.mass.gov 
Information on Massachusetts government.

Naturalization Self Test. www.naturalizationSelfTest.notlong.com
This USCIS page provides a chance for prospective citizens to test their knowledge before taking the actual test.

Congress: Legislative Information. https://www.congress.gov/
Information about the Senate and House of Representatives.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. www.uscis.gov
Information about citizenship and naturalization, green cards, and other immigration issues. Services include downloadable immigration forms, case status searching. 

The White House www.whitehouse.gov 
Includes information on the current President as well as the cabinet and other branches of government.


Online Practice Tests

     Take free, full-length practice tests online with Learning Express. Set up an account with your Framingham Library card number and a valid e-mail address. You do not have to be in the library to use Learning Express; you may access it anywhere you have an internet connection.

After registering, go to the top left corner of the homepage, and below the logo click where it says “All Centers.” Then, click on “Adult Learning Center,” and once the page opens click “Become a U.S. Citizen." Here you will find all the resources available on Learning Express to prepare for the exam and get a Green Card.

If you have questions about using this eResource, do not hesitate to contact us!

Learning Express En Español



En Español: Libros y DVDs

Call Number Author Title
SPAN COLL DVD 323.6 Citizenship interactive [videorecording]: A bilingual overview of United States history and government.
SPAN COLL 342.082 Schell Schell, Debbie M. Cómo conseguir su visa.
SPAN COLL COMPACT DISC 323.6 Como   Cómo convertirse en ciudadano de los Estados Unidos
SPAN COLL 323.6 Schell Schell, Debbie M. Conviértase en ciudadano americano
323.6 How BILINGUAL 2002   How to become a United States citizen: A step-by-step guidebook for self instruction = Cómo hacerse ciudadano de los Estados Unidos: Una guía detallada de auto-instrucción.
SPAN COLL 342.082 2007 Schell Schell, Debbie M. Inmigracíon y ciudadanía en los EE.UU.: Preguntas y respuestas.
SPAN COLL 973  Baker Baker, Paul R. Nueva historia de los Estados Unidos.
SPAN COLL 323.6 2007 Pasa Pase el examen de ciudadanía americana.
SPAN COLL 342.082 Schell Schell, Debbie. Visas, visas, visas: Sesenta maneras (legales) de inmigrar a EE.UU.


En Español: Sitios Web

Learning Express: Sea ciudadano estadounidense.
Esta página provee información sobre la inmigración y la ciudadanía.

Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos de América: Guía para inmigrantes nuevos
Incluye información sobre sus derechos y responsabilidades como residente permanent, cómo encontrar viviend, la educación y el cuidado de los niño, y más.

The White House https://www.whitehouse.gov/espanol 
Información de la Casa Blanca sobre el Presidente de los Estados Unidos y su gabinete.

Inmigracion y Visas. www.inmigracionyvisas.com  
Esta página provee información sobre la inmigración y la ciudadanía. Los vincules de ciudadanía, se encuentran en la parte baja de la barra izquierda.

Vida Americana www.vidaamericana.com  
Incluye también información y consejería sobre la inmigración, visas, pasaportes, permisos de trabajo y más.

USCIS http://www.uscis.gov/es


Em Português: Livros e DVDs


Em português: Website

Bem-Vindo aos Estados Unidos: Guia para Novos Imigrantes

Imigrar.com. www.imigrar.com 
Informações sobre cidadania, imigração, vistos, green cards e muito mais.



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