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You and Your Money
Call Number Author Title
332.024 Glink Glink, Ilyce R. 50 simple things you can do to improve your personal finances.
364.163 Weisman Weisman, Steve. 50 ways to protect your identity and your credit: Everything you need to know about identity theft, credit cards, credit repair, and credit reports.
332.024 Yellen Yellen, Pamela G. Bank on yourself : the life-changing secret to growing and protecting your financial future
332.75 Bankruptcy Bankruptcy: An action plan for renewal.
332.024  Lawrence 2011 Lawrence, Judy. The budget kit: The common cents money management workbook.
332.024  Block Block, Sandra. The busy family's guide to money.
332.024 Yeager Yeager, Jeff. The cheapskate next door : the surprising secrets of Americans living happily below their means
346.052 Bernardin Bernardin, Mark J. Choosing your path: How Massachusetts residents can take control of their medical care, estate plans, and funeral arrangements.
368 Zevnik Zevnik, Richard. The complete book of insurance: Understand the coverage you really need.
332.743 2007 Credit Leonard, Robin. Credit repair.
330.973 Bernstein Bernstein, Jared. Crunch: Why Do I feel So Squeezed? (And Other Unsolved Economic Mysteries).
332.024 Bach Bach, David. Debt free for life
332.024 Chatzky Chatzky, Jean Sherman. The difference : how anyone can prosper in even the toughest times
332.024 Hanson Hanson, Jon. Good debt, bad debt: Knowing the difference can save your financial life.
332.024 Tyson 2008 Tyson, Eric. Let's get real about money: Profit from the habits of the best personal finance managers.
332.024 Brock Brock, Fred. Live well on less than you think: The New York Times guide to achieving your financial freedom.
339.22 Stanley Stanley, Thomas. The millionaire next door: The surprising secrets of America's wealthy.
346.054 2005 Nolo's Nolo's Simple Will Book.
332.024 Chatzky Chatzky, Jean Sherman. Pay it down! : debt-free on $10 a day.
332.024 Tyson 2010 Tyson, Eric. Personal finance for dummies.*
332.024 Lankford Lankford, Kimberly. Rescue your financial life: 11 things you can do now to get back on track.
332.024 Orman 2010 Orman, Suze. The road to wealth : a comprehensive guide to your money : everything you need to know in good and bad times : revised and updated.*
332.024 Kirchheimer 2006 Kirchheimer, Sid. Scam-proof your life: 377 smart ways to protect you & your family from ripoffs, bogus deals & other consumer headaches.
332.024 Quinn 2006 Quinn, Jane Bryant. Smart and simple financial strategies for busy people.*
332.024 Kotlikoff Kotlikoff, Laurence J. Spend 'til the end: The revolutionary guide to raising your living standard-today and when you retire.
332.024 Morris Morris, Virginia B. Standard & Poor's guide to understanding personal finance.
332.024 Bach Bach, David. Start late, finish rich: A no-fail plan for achieving financial freedom at any age.*
  Weston, Liz Pulliam. The 10 commandments of money : survive and thrive in the new economy
332.024 Murray 2006 Murray, Jonathan. Two for the money: The sensible plan for making it all work.
332.743 Detweiler Detweiler, Gerri. The ultimate credit handbook: Cut your debt and have a lifetime of great credit.
332.024 Keates Keates, Nancy. The Wall Street Journal guide to the business of life.
Weston 2009
Weston, Liz Pulliam. Your Credit Score, Your Money & What's at Stake: How to Improve the 3-Digit Number That Shapes Your Financial Future.
332.024 Dominguez Dominguez, Joseph R. Your money or your life: Transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial independence.
*Audiobook available.
**Audiobook and video available.
Investment Strategies
Call Number Author Title
332.024 Katzeff Katzeff, Paul Getting started in rebuilding your 401(k) account
332.024 Rowland Rowland, Mary The new commonsense guide to your 401(k) : rebuilding your portfolio from the bottom up
332.6323 Faerber 2009 Faerber, Esme. All about bonds, bond mutual funds, and bond ETFs
332.6 Leder Leder, Michelle. Financial fine print: Uncovering a company's true value.
332.6322 Siegel  Siegel, Jeremy J. The future for investors: Why the tried and the true triumph over the bold and the new.*
332.632 Mizrahi  Mizrahi Charles S. Getting started in value investing.
332.6 Armstrong  Armstrong, Frank. The informed investor: A hype-free guide to constructing a sound financial portfolio.
332.6 Bernstein 2010 Bernstein, William J. The investor's manifesto : preparing for prosperity, Armageddon, and everything in between.
332.6 Cramer 2009 Cramer, Jim. Jim Cramer's getting back to even.
332.6 Malkiel Malkiel, Burton Gordon. The elements of investing
332.6322 Gardner Gardner, David. The Motley Fool million dollar portfolio : how to build and grow a panic-proof investment portfolio .
332.6 Schultheis Schultheis, Bill. The new coffeehouse investor : how to build wealth, ignore Wall Street, and get on with your life
332.6323 Swedroe Swedroe, Larry E. The only guide to a winning bond strategy you'll ever need: The way smart money preserves wealth today.
332.6327 Swedroe Swedroe, Larry E. The only guide to a winning investment strategy you'll ever need.
332.024 Tobias Tobias, Andrew P. The only investment guide you'll ever need.
332.6 Random 2011 Malkiel, Burton Gordon. A random walk down Wall Street: The time-tested strategy for successful investing.
332.6 Mandelman Mandelman, Avner. The sleuth investor :Uncover the best stocks before they make their move.
332.678 Solin Solin, Daniel R. The smartest investment book you'll ever read : the proven way to beat the "pros" and take control of your financial future.*
332.6 Brennan Brennan, Jack. Straight talk on investing.
332.024 Swensen Swensen, David F. Unconventional success: A fundamental approach to personal investment.
332.024 Kansas 2011 Kansas, Dave The Wall Street journal guide to the new rules of personal finance : essential strategies for saving, investing, and building a portfolio in a world turned upside down.
332.6 Opdyke Opdyke, Jeff D. The world is your oyster: The guide to finding great investments around the globe.
*Audiobook available.



Boston Consumers' Checkbook
Consumer Reports
Kiplinger's Personal Finance
NADA Official Used Car Guide
(Reference Desk)
USA Today
Wall Street Journal


Databases and Reference Subscriptions

Minuteman Library Network databases
can be used from the library computers or from home with your library card.

Business and Company Resource Center. Business and Company Resource Center is a fully integrated resource bringing together company profiles, brand information, rankings, investment reports, company histories, chronologies and periodicals. Search this database to find detailed company and industry news and information.

General BusinessFile ASAP. Use this database to research all business and management topics. Includes directory listings for over 150,000 companies as well as investment analysts' reports on major companies and industries. Choose "Advanced search" and then type a ticker symbol into the pop-up box to search Reuters Research on Demand, which contains investment reports produced by financial institutions and Wall Street and International brokerage firms.

The following subscription services are available in the Reference Department.

Morningstar Mutual Funds. Bi-Weekly. Analyzes 1,600 mutual funds.
The Value Line Investment Survey.
Weekly. Information and advice on approximately 1,700 stocks, more than 90 industries, the stock market, and the economy. 
The Value Line Investment Survey. Expanded Edition.
Weekly. Covers approximately 1,800 additional, mostly small-capitalization, issues.



Local Resources

Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs
Select "For Consumers" to find fraud alerts, reports on current investigations, how to file a complaint, shopping issues, small claims, landlord/tenant, insurance, links to government and other consumer sites, much more.

Kirstein Business Branch of Boston Public Library
Extensive links to financial sites, oriented to Massachusetts residents. The library itself is a goldmine of information.

Commonwealth Connector
The website for Massachusetts's Commonwealth Care Health Insurance Program, the program that connects eligible Massachusetts residents with approved health insurance plans and helps them pay for the plans, provides eligibility and application information, as well as details about the program.

Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont
Information on companies, complaint filing, consumer information and alerts.

General Sites

CNN Money
Drawing on several magazines - Fortune, Money, Business 2.0, and Fortune Small Business, this site provides extensive news on the whole range of business and finance - markets, investing, personal finance, jobs, lifestyle.

News, market information, detailed data on mutual funds, personal finance.

For investors, excellent research and stock-selection tools. In the Planning section, help with retirement, college, and estate planning, as well as savings and debt management, insurance, banking. Helpful columns, up-to-date market news.

This federal government site offers excellent links to recommended articles and sites on topics like budgeting, credit, investment, and more.

Yahoo Finance Page
Business news; links to recent stories and advice about investment and personal finance. Financial calculators; market information.

Personal Finance; Consumer Issues
This site allows you to request a free credit report once every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
Rate comparisons for credit cards, mortgages, money markets, as well as advice on personal finance topics like auto loans, frugality, how to complain. Links to 4,000 institutions.
Product reviews, buying guides, product details, prices, discussion forums and links to online vendors.
Federal government mega-site for consumers. You can search for documents or browse for information in categories such as money (investing, consumer, banking, etc), health, careers, children, technology, education, food, more.

Consumer Reports
Portions of articles from Consumer Reports Magazine, published by the independent, nonprofit Consumers Union.

Consumer Search 
Analyzes product reviews from many online sources to identify the best products. Links to original review sites and for further research are provided. 

Consumer World
Advice on products and services and over a thousand links for consumers. 

Federal Consumer Protection
Information on federal protections about a range of consumer issues, from air travel to workplace safety. Particularly useful is a list of federal agencies where you can file complaints about companies

Findlaw Consumer Center
Articles, forms, and legal sources on consumer law.

Identity Theft Resource Center
This award-winning nonprofit organization provides tips for consumers and businesses on avoiding and responding to identity theft, including a detailed list of steps to take in case of theft.

Ripoff Report
A warehouse of hundreds of thousands of unedited consumer complaints.

Edmund’s Guide
Find trade-in values, inventory prices on new cars, cost of additional features, comparisons of car manufacturers, safety ratings, and much more.

Kelly’s Blue Book Values
Retail and trade-in value for new and used vehicles.

National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration
Learn the crash rating for a car, truck, van, or SUV as determined by (NHTSA). A five star ranking is the highest score.

Investment Information
Searchable by company, ticker symbol, industry, more.

Up-to-date market and financial info from around the world, foreign exchange rates, information about ETFs, investment tools, calculators.

Hoover's Online
Database of basic information on over 10,000 companies in the U.S. Other useful features include links to SEC filings, various business rankings, and corporate web sites.

Investing In Bonds
Tips, data, information about investing in corporate, municipal, and treasury bonds.

Investment and personal finance tools, stock and mutual fund research.

This website companion to the library’s bi-monthly print subscription requires you to sign up as a member to access detailed features. Membership is free, but the trade off is there are many pop-ups. Non-membership features such as “Instant X-Ray” will analyze your holdings. Worth a look as a non-member too.

U.S. Savings Bonds Online 
You can research interest rates, maturity periods, cashing-in options, calculators; find out what your bonds are worth; purchase treasury securities.

Historical Quotes
Type in the sticker symbol and the date (1985+), and get the stock’s closing price for the historical date you have entered. See tabs for reports from analysts, SEC filings, market advisers, insiders, annual reports, industry profile, news and alerts.


Focus on: Tax Preparation

Call Number Author Title
336.24 Yancey Yancey, Richard. Confessions of a Tax Collector.
343.05268 Fishman Fishman, Stephen. Deduct it!: Lower your small business taxes.
336.2 Ernst & Young Tax Guide.
343.7305 Fishman 2011 Fishman, Stephen. Every Landlord's Tax Deduction Guide.
343.0526 Fishman Fishman, Stephen. Home business tax deductions: Keep what you earn.
343.7304 Pilla Pilla, Daniel J. The IRS Problem Solver: From Audits to Assessments.
343.7305 J.K. Lasser's J.K. Lasser's 1001 deductions and tax breaks.
336.2 J.K. Lasser's J.K. Lasser's small business taxes.
336.2 J.K. Lasser's J.K. Lasser's your income tax.
343.7305 Fishman Fishman, Stephen.

Lower Taxes in 7 Easy Steps.

343.042 Stand Daily, Frederick W. Stand Up to the IRS.
336.2 Taxes Tyson, Eric. Taxe$ for dummie$
343.067 2011 Fishman  Fishman, Stephen. Tax deductions for professionals.
346.7 Fishman  Fishman, Stephen. Working for Yourself: Law and Taxes for Independent Contractors, Freelancers and Consultants.

IRS Forms and Publications
Download forms and instructions back to 1990, as well as efile options. Files may be searched by keyword. Some of the more popular forms are available in a "fill-in" version. Tax information, downloadable publications.

Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Download forms and instructions back to 1999, as well as tax publications and efile options. Links to tax-related legal information. 

Tax Forms from Other States
Created by: Federation of Tax Administrators
Get state tax forms online.

Tax and Accounting Sites Directory
A comprehensive site that has policies, laws, tables, help guides and more for both federal and state taxes. Tax Planning Site
Tax planning and preparation articles.

MSN Money Tax Page
Tax planning, tips, answers.

Tax Day Stress
The American Psychological Association on coping with financial stress during tax season.

Yahoo Tax Center
Many useful tools and tips to help plan and prepare your taxes.

Websites change! Please email us if you have difficulty with a site on this list. We'll try to identify and correct the problem.


We Can Help

For professional assistance locating the information you need:

  • Telephone the Main Library Reference Department at 508-532-5570, extension 4361. 

  • Email your questions through our Ask A Librarian page.
  • Visit the Main Library or the McAuliffe Branch for free access to the Internet and databases, and for assistance with research. 

To arrange a speaker or a group tour highlighting the library’s practical information resources, call 508-532-5570, ext 4347, or email Michelle LeMonde-McIntyre at


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