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Catching up with Anatoly, Team Framingham Runner

Team Framingham runner Anatoly Prekrasnyy planned to run the April 20th Boston Marathon for the Friends of the Framingham Library. We contacted him recently to ask how he is doing. Here is his letter:

Hi everyone! I’ve been doing ok, just spending most of the time at home like all of us. I’ve been more relaxed about my training and have been mostly just going on easy runs. I also don’t plan on starting any specific training for September until it’s more or less clear that the race is actually happening. Going on casual runs will definitely help me not lose fitness and I will be able to quickly ramp up training to get ready for a race day. I also just recently got myself a road bike, so I am very excited for the summer and to spend more time doing something different but still getting a decent aerobic exercise out of it. Hope you are staying safe. Anatoly

Anatoly has raised $10K for us so far—doubling his goal!

NOTE: Since this letter was sent, the 2020 Boston Marathon has been canceled, but we’re sure Anatoly will continue to stay active, be safe and hopefully run the Marathon in 2021.