Recommended by the Staff of the Framingham Public Library

Sherwood Anderson.  Winesburg, Ohio.
Jane Austen.  Emma, Pride and Prejudice.
Honore de Balzac.  Pere Goriot.
Samuel Beckett. Watt.
Charlotte Bronte.  Jane Eyre.
Emily Bronte.  Wuthering Heights.
Anton Chekhov. Stories.
Kate Chopin.  The Awakening.
Joseph Conrad.  Heart of Darkness.
Daniel Defoe. Robinson Crusoe.
Charles Dickens.  David Copperfield, Great Expectations.
Fyoder Dostoevsky.  The Brothers Karamasov, The Idiot.
Theodore Dreiser.  An American Tragedy.
Alexandre Dumas.  The Count of Monte Cristo.
George Eliot.  Middlemarch.
Ralph Ellison. Invisible Man.
William Faulkner.  Stories.
Henry Fielding.  The History of Tom Jones.
F. Scott Fitzgerald.  The Great Gatsby.
John Galsworthy.  The Forsyte Saga.
Gabriel Garcia-Marquez.  One Hundred Years of Solitude.
Graham Greene.  Heart of the Matter, Travels with My Aunt.
Thomas Hardy.  Far from the Madding Crowd, Jude the Obscure.
O. Henry.  Stories.
Zora Neale Hurston.  Their Eyes Were Watching God.
Aldous Huxley.  Brave New World.
Christopher Isherwood.  Berlin Stories.
Henry James.  Portrait of a Lady, Stories.
Sarah Orne Jewett.  Country of the Pointed Firs.
James Joyce.  Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
Franz Kafka.  Metamorphosis.
Nikos Kazantzakis.  Zorba the Greek.
Harper Lee.  To Kill a Mockingbird.
Bernard Malamud.  The Natural.
Herman Melville.  Moby Dick.
Baroness Orczy. The Scarlet Pimpernel.
Edgar Allan Poe.  Tales.
John Steinbeck.  The Grapes of Wrath.
Robert Louis Stevenson. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Leo Tolstoy.  Anna Karenina.
Mark Twain.  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Eudora Welty.  Stories.
Edith Wharton.  Ethan Frome, House of Mirth.
T.H. White.  The Once and Future King.
Virginia Woolf. To the Lighthouse.

September 2007