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    Author Talk: Erica Ferencik

    Local author Erica Ferencik discusses the origin story of her stunning new novel, “Girl In Ice” and her experiences exploring the desolate iceberg-packed fjords of Greenland for inspiration! Erica will also share a presentation called JOURNEY TO GREENLAND, showcasing her month-long research trip to this land of almost incomprehensible size and scale. A ring of ominous black mountains jut out of the sea, surrounding a seven-hundred-thousand square mile ice sheet, two miles deep at its thickest, frozen for over three million years. Fin whales and narwhals navigate narrow blue fjords; arctic fox, polar bear and caribou roam the barren hills. This is a place of phenomenal beauty, isolation, wildness and mystery. Erica says: “I knew it was my only chance to experience this jaw-dropping world of ice, and that if I didn’t say yes to all of it—the beauty and the danger—I could never write the kind of story I was determined to create.” In the novel, Val, an American linguist, is tasked to journey to a remote climate research center off the coast of Greenland where a girl has thawed from the ice - alive - speaking a language no one understands. Award-winning novelist Erica Ferencik has received glowing critical praise for her literary thrillers featuring women who face extreme physical challenges in nature, even as they grapple with internal struggles.

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