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    Brown Bag Learning Series: Advanced Retirement Strategies

    Presented by Steve Pessotti, Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA)

    Most people are so busy with the day-to-day job of living that they don't have time to acquire the financial education necessary to secure a wealthy and prosperous future.  Join Stephen Pessotti as he discusses advanced retirement planning strategies including:

    • Estate Planning - Wills vs. Trusts - Learn how to avoid probates*
    • Life Estates - Learn how to protect your real estate from nursing home liens*
    • Ancillary Documents - Learn about Durable Power of Attorney, HIPPA compliant Medical Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy and Pour-over Will*

    An additional workshop has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 10th from 2-3:30pm and again from 6:30-8pm in the Costin Room that will cover:

    • Nursing home/Medicaid rules- Learn about 5 year look back and asset limitations for single and married tax payers.
    • Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities- Learn how they provide principle guarantees and tax deferred growth.
    • Lifetime Income Annuities- Create an income like social security that you can’t outlive.
    • Lump Sum vs. Pension Income Payouts- Learn about the benefits and disadvantages.
    • Social Security- Learn about major rule changes effective in 2016.

    *Disclaimer: This is an educational workshop. We are not attorneys and we are not providing legal advice.