Events Calendar / June 14, 2017

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Drop-in Knitting

Unwind with your knitting and your crocheting at the library!  Share tips, conversation, and a love of making. Drop in for a little while or for the whole time. Instruction is provided if needed. Bring your own materials, although we do have some tools to get you started.  We look forward to seeing you every Wednesday from 10-11 and the second and fourth Saturday of the month. 

Sci-Fi Book Group: The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu thumbnail Photo

Sci-Fi Book Group: The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu

As a witness to atrocities committed during the Cultural Revolution in China, Ye Wenjie is deeply dismayed by the cruelty of humanity. While working for the military, she covertly sends a coded message into space, asking for help. An alien civilization called Trisolaris from the Alpha Centauri system intercepts the message and over the next few decades, makes contact with Earth inhabitants by engaging them in an unusual video game. Ultimately, Earth splits into two factions: those who see the Trisolarans as an invasive threat, and those who welcome their arrival. Cixin Liu, a multiple award winning science fiction writer in China, has written "a masterpiece with the scope of Dune and the rousing action of Independence Day." (publisher notes)

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Music with Del Case

Del Case presents the World of African-American Music: An historical survey of a wide variety of musical genres. Refreshments.