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    Lifelong Learning Lecture: What Get Back Gets Wrong

    Join NPR rock critic, Beatles author, and Emerson College Associate Professor Tim Riley as he discusses Peter Jackson’s Get Back series, which uses archived footage from the Beatles Let It Be rehearsals in January of 1970. Broadcast on the Disney streaming service back in 2021, it includes the complete rooftop set from atop the Apple office building on Savile Row.

    Long considered an insider curio for specialists only, this Get Back material springs to new life with Jackson’s development of sophisticated audio software (to help distinguish speakers, and separate out vocal tracks from instruments), and a comprehensive timeline. Instead of “the Beatles falling apart,” this new 3-episode cut shows the four members working together, cajoling songs out of thin air, and developing the arrangements to songs we embrace as standards. The curious flow of these sessions, from halting dead-ends to liberating bursts of inspiration, make this a source of encouragement for creatives in all fields.

    Come in person to the Main Library, Costin Room at 7PM or stream online from our YouTube channel at