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    Tea and Talk Tuesdays: TED Talk: How Bees Can Keep the Peace Between Humans and Elephants

    Dr. Lucy King, zoologist and the head of the human-elephant coexistence program called Save the Elephants, focuses on human-elephant conflict. In particular, she studies how climate change leads to increasing habitat loss, forcing pachyderms and humans to compete for space and resources. How do you keep a group of elephants from invading rural farms and devastating crops? Listen to the TED Talk and discover how Dr. King's research led to an amazing solution. Is there a natural way to alleviate habitat loss and the competition for space and resources in our own backyards?

    Before you join us for the discussion, we invite you to watch the Ted Talk HERE.

    To register and receive an invitation to the Zoom session, please go to by 9am on April 27.