Tutor at the Homework Center

Adult Volunteer tutors provide free tutoring for Framingham students K-12. Tutoring takes place at the Homework Center Program which is located at the Main Library. The Homework Center's Library's Outreach Initiative also sends teams of tutors to each of the middle and high schools. For more information about the Homework Center, contact Judy Gatlin at jgatlin@minlib.net. To fill out application forms, click here.


Serve on the Student Advisory Board (Middle and High School students)

A hands on opportunity for an active role in running a library program that also serves the academic community of Framingham. Meet on a monthly basis with students representing each of the middle and high schools. Plan and run fun town-wide academic events (spelling and geography bees, fundraising fashion shows, essay contests, etc.) Being a member of the advisory board is a leadership/community service experience, important to note on college and employment applications. Students can also serve as tutors with younger students and peers in the Homework Center Tutoring Program.  For more information, contact Judy Gatlin at jgatlin@minlib.net.