Animal Cameras

Smithsonian’s Animal Cams Anytime

San Diego Zoo Pant & Animal Cams Anytime

Houston Zoo Animal Cams Anytime

Monterey Bay Aquarium Anytime   

New England Aquarium Virtual Visits Multiple times

New England Aquarium View exhibits and learn about the creatures at the New England Aquarium. Watch feeding times, presentations, and more while the Aquarium is closed to the public

Arts and Entertainment

Mr. Vinny from Toe Jam Puppet Band interacts with children through his Facebook page.



Courtesy of the Needham Free Public Library

Travel Through the Enchanted Forest

Travel Through the Enchanted Forest #2


Courtesy of the Brooks Free Library

Greek Mythology Virtual Escape Room


Courtesy of the Turner Free Library

Escape the Art Gallery

Escape the Dinner Party


Courtesy of the Newton Free Library

Star Wars Virtual Escape Room


Courtesy of the Public Library of Brookline

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Digital Escape Room


Courtesy of the Taunton Public Library

A Pokemon Journey



The Frida Kahlo Museum in Ciudad de México, Mexico
The Palace of Versailles in Versailles, France
The Salvador Dali Theatre-Museum in  Figueres, Catalonia, Spain
The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City
The National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC
The Guggenheim Museum in New York City
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Brookline, MA

Authors, Books, and Storytimes

Oliver Jeffers: Book Reading with the Author Weekdays, 2pm

Pete the Cat Club with James Dean Weekdays, 12pm

Junior Library Guild Free eBooks for elementary, middle, and high school aged individuals and will be having live author visits.

Authors Everywhere! Children’s book authors & illustrators coming together on YouTube to share book talks, read alouds, activities, etc.

Grace Lin on YouTube Author Grace Lin shares stories and teaches simple drawing skills.

Kid Lit TV Watch read-alouds from authors & illustrators.

The Story Seeds Podcast On each episode, they capture the magic that sparks when kids 6-12 and bestselling authors meet up in person to collaborate and grow original stories inspired by children’s story seeds!


Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems! Weekdays at 1pm (watch previous videos anytime)

Draw Everyday with Jarrett J. Krosoczka Weekdays at 2pm (Watch previous videos anytime)

Tony DiTerlizzi: Live Drawing Daily, 1pm (Watch previous videos anytime)

Ben Clanton Draws Live (with printable coloring pages) Various times, check his page for the most up to date information.

Cassie Stephenz Daily Art lessons at Noon (various art curriculum available on her website).

Draw Together with Wendy Mac Weekdays 10am PST.

Global Community

One Globe Kids Spark a child’s global imagination with beautifully photographed, interactive stories by and for children around the globe. One Globe Kids offers an innovative way to experience friendship with a peer in a different country. For children 4-10 years of age.

Learn from Home

Learn from Home through Scholastic.

May's At Home Learning Calendar: Children's Activities and Early Literacy Acitvities by Demco Ideas and Inspirations.

June's At Home Learning Calendar: Children's Activities and Early Literacy Acitvities by Demco Ideas and Inspirations.


Cool Facts About Animals A podcast by and for kids giving you the coolest facts about the coolest animals. We research our episodes carefully, distilling the information into manageable segments, focusing on  the things that really make these animals unusual.

Unspookable Spooky stories for kids.

But Why? A podcast for kids tackling various tough and funny subjects.

Book Power for Kids Book reviews by and for kids.

Curious Kid Podcast Educational  and entertaining podcast for kids  by kids

Understanding Coronavirus and How Germs Spread

TumbleScience Answering Kid’s Coronavirus Questions

Kids Ask Authors Author Grace Lin invites kids to ask the authors of their favorite books a question.

The Story Seeds Podcast On each episode, they capture the magic that sparks when kids 6-12 and bestselling authors meet up in person to collaborate and grow original stories inspired by children’s story seeds!

Story Pirates Actors, comedians, and improvisers who act out original stories created by kids.

What If World Stories Start with silly “what if ” questions which are crafted into original stories using fun voices, making for unrelenting ridiculousness.

The Past and The Curious Comedic actors performing little-known stories from history in a playful manner. There is even a quiz at the end of each episode!


Various Science Lessons and Worksheets from PhD student  Olivia V. Sanderfoot.

Skype a Scientist Get matched with  a scientist you can talk to right in  your home. Catch up on past sessions as well.

Online Survival School A new fun online learning program for kids and parents. Earn Badges. Learn skills. Don’t panic!

Free Access to World Book Online  for all your encyclopedia needs.

Greek Speak Illustrator and writer George O’Connor is hosting Greek Speak livestream videos, where he discusses all things Olympians, his graphic novel adaptations of classic Greek mythology.

Storytime from Space Watch astronauts on the Space Station read children’s books and perform science demonstrations! Story Time From Space offers a delightful combination of science, literacy, and entertainment through its library of free, family-friendly videos.

360 Parks Explore the National Parks and Monuments without leaving the comfort & safety of your own home.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Peace Out Guided visualization and breathing for kids.  

Cosmic Kids Yoga Yoga for tiny ones.

Children's Book Reviews

Looking for some suggested children's book titles? Here we compiled a list of all titles recommended in the Framingham Public Library Newsletters from 2020.



The Peacock Detectives by Carly Nugent. For ages 8-12. Available as an ebook and audiobook on Hoopla.

"I recently joined a Facebook group called “View from my window” where people all around the world post a picture of what they see outside their window. Someone posted a view of the pyramids of Giza; imagine waking up to that every day! Someone else posted the most magnificent picture of mountains in Utah; I was astounded. So it’s a fun group and is supposed to help people locked down experience a sense of travel. But when we read the posts, we also see that all around the world people are alike. Many are locked down right now, and teaching their children at home, and missing family and travel and getting outside just like us.This book is like that Facebook group because it is a view of what life is like for Cassie, an eleven going on twelve-year-old girl, who lives in a little town in Australia (population: 2000; compare Framingham population: more than 68,000) surrounded by bush, where venomous tiger snakes live under the school steps, Christmas comes in the middle of summer, and the neighbors own a peacock and a peahen. This all sounds very exotic, but as the story progresses with Cassie and her friend Jonas looking for the peacocks who have escaped, we see that life in Australia is also very like life in America with family struggles and mean girls at school and arguments with friends and the great cycle of life and death. So, for a look at a different way of life that you can relate to quite easily, I recommend this book." – Lucy



The World Ends in April by Stacy McAnulty. Available as an ebook on Overdrive/Libby.

"Elle’s grandfather is a survivalist who is convinced the world is going to end soon. He trains Elle and her brothers for the end of the world on weekends but Elle doesn’t believe him and is getting tired of it. But one day she comes across an article that an asteroid is going to hit earth! She tries to warn her classmates and forms a club to help train them, just like her grandfather has trained her. Does her world end in April? Read this page turner and find out! Middle grade fiction." – Jillian

If you liked The Sisters 8 by Lauren Baratz-Logsted, try reading: The Elixir Fixers: Sasha and Puck by Daniel Nayeri. Available as an ebook on Hoopla.

"Both these early chapter books have fantastic sibling adventures that you’ll want to read in one sitting. The Sisters 8 and Sasha and Puck use science and potions to try to make discoveries and help others, though Sasha and Puck also use just a hint of magic too. Engaging stories with exciting and detailed characters you’re sure to enjoy! Beginning chapter book." – Jillian



The Dark Lord Clementine by Sarah Jean Horwitz. Available as an ebook on Hoopla and OverDrive.

The Starspun Web by Sinead O’Hart. Available as an ebook on OverDrive.

"I met two delightful girls and their circles of friends this weekend despite preserving my social distancing! Yes, I’m talking about the heroines and supporting characters in the above two books."

"Clementine is the lonely daughter of the Dark Lord Elithor and will take over the title someday. Her father alternates between neglectful and ranting over her faults, she can only observe the village children playing from a distance since they fear her as their sorcerous future ruler, and the only mother she’s known is a white splotch of snow on the mountains called the White Lady. But when her father, whom she loves despite everything, is cursed, Clementine rises to the occasion in her own way, taking care of the farm, committing Dastardly Deeds to keep their home, and breaking her father’s rules to save him —by making friends." – Lucy

"Teresita Mariana de Sousa,or Tess as her friends call her and she has many friends, is a foundling with a scientific bent. She experiments with her friend Wilf, keeps a pet tarantula named Violet in her hair, and loves the women who run her foundling home. But one day, a strange man appears to claim her, and she finds out she came from an alternate reality. Not only that, but she may also have the ability to travel to alternate realities, too. Forced to go with Mr. Cleal, Tess has to be very brave and resourceful, while using her scientific methods to save herself, some new friends, and possibly a number of alternate realities while trying to find a way back to her friends at the Foundling Home.These were both excellent, engaging adventure books for Grades 4 or 5 and up that are sure to entertain." – Lucy