For the exciting news:  May Baskets are coming!  Check back here soon for updates and photos.  Tickets go on sale May 1st!

And for the not-so-exciting news: Annual testing also begins on May 1st.  All (that's ALL) students will be tested during May and June.

(Please make an appointment and don't make me beg!)










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Thanks for your Support

  • We have closed our 2016 end-of-year Appeal.  Many thanks to everyone who made donations - we raised $6852 from 81 donors.  This is up $100 and 19 donors from last year!  Many thanks to all!
  • Thank you to all those who made our 2016 May Baskets Raffle a success. The lucky winners are listed below. If you have the opportunity, please let our donors know how much we appreciate their support.