Tutor Survey Results

Below are the Tutor Survey results.  Sixty-three tutors and conversation class leaders responded.  In general some students and tutors are adapting quite well to remote meetings but others are quite challenged.  Thank-you to everyone who participated!  We will continue to work to help you with your tutoring! 

“Other”  - Below are representative samples of the responses to Question 1 

 “I am meeting with my student now for the same number of hours as before the shutdown of the library, although now we meet remotely, of course. That being said, I am spending more time than before creating homework assignments in order to keep my student engaged and connected between appointments. He seems to like receiving the homework and he always completes it and has it ready to review with me at our next appointment.”

“At the onset of the pandemic I was using strictly email to tutor. I am now using Zoom to tutor which I find very effective and efficient. I have used liveworksheets.com and ESLlibrary. My student likes this much better and seems much happier doing it this way. It gives her an opportunity to speak English something that she missed doing since she speaks her native language with her family.´

“I am not meeting with my student. I made a couple of attempts to schedule zoom sessions, but he did not want to do it.”

“I have suspended using digital or phone method with “Name” as I do not respond well to those mediums. I am waiting to resume tutoring until we can return to face to face teaching.”


         Q2 What digital resources are you using with your student(s)?  (Choose all that apply.)


“Other” - Below are representative samples of the responses to Question 2

“In person I used YouTube, Youglish and Pexels (can grab and save photos to promote conversations around a theme).”


“Educandy.com is a site where you can make games for practicing things like irregular past tense verbs—skills that can be “tested” with multiple choice, matching, crosswords, etc. It’s not specifically for language learners.”

“Voice of America EnglishforEveryone.org”

“my own research for appropriate TED Talks, PBS etc.”



“Other” - Below are representative samples of the responses to Question 3

“Communication in general”

“More flexibility in class scheduling”

“I don't have time to follow all programs online or others.”

“Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use any of this with my own student.”


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