Year-End Celebration and Student Recognition-December 2023 

On Tuesday, December 12, more than 90 community members, between students and volunteer tutors, joined us for a night of fellowship, games, delicious food, and more. We had a great time with such a vibrant community of friends!


Framingham through Time-November 2023


On Tuesday, November 21st, our intermediate-level class visited the Framingham History Center for an interactive exploration of Framingham's history. The class learned from the Nipmuc Indigenous community to today. After this activity, the students talked about their countries' traditions and how they continue practicing them in the United States. It was moving to hear their stories! 




Coburnville-Tripoli Walking Tour-October  2023 

On Tuesday, October 24, our students, tutors, and class leaders had the opportunity to walk through Coburnville and Tripoli in Framingham. Our community had a blast learning about the history of this neighborhood and the impact of immigration in Framingham. Our students had a chance to practice their English while learning about the place where they live or drive by every day! We love Framingham and its community! Many thanks to the Framingham History Center for hosting this fantastic tour.



Literacy's Yard Sale-September 2023 


On Saturday, September 23, Literacy Unlimited hosted its first yard sale. There were great products such as electronics, clothing, kitchenware, and more! The community loved having the opportunity to buy goods at a low price while supporting a great cause and the Literacy Program. Thank you to everyone who attended! 




Tutors & Students' Mood Boards-July 2023 

On Thursday, July 20, tutors and students created mood boards. It was a great way to have fun and get to know our students and tutors better! 


Conversation Class & Fairs'n Squares Dance Club- June 2023 


On Tuesday, June 27, the square dancing club came by the library to teach the intermediate-level class how to square dance. This was a great activity that brough everyone together. The group had a blast and we can't wait to have more events like this for our students! Special thanks to conversation class leader Kathy S. for organizing this fun activity! 




Volunteer Appreciation Night-May 2023

On Thursday, May 18, we had the opportunity to celebrate all of our volunteers and especially those who have been part of our program for more than ten years. There were games, food, speakers, and line dancing. Thanks to everyone who attended the celebration!