Events Calendar / September 11, 2019

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Drop-in Knitting

Unwind with your knitting and your crocheting at the library!  Share tips, conversation, and a love of making. Drop in for a little while or for the whole time. Instruction is provided if needed. Bring your own materials, although we do have some tools to get you started. 

Meets every Wednesday and the second and fourth Saturday of the month. 

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Mother Goose on the Loose

Wednesdays September 4-October 23, 2019 

Mother Goose on the Loose is an eight-week, thirty-minute program that uses rhymes, songs, puppets, instruments, and more to stimulate the learning process of babies and toddlers.

Ages 0-3 accompanied by a caregiver. 

Pre-registration required.

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Origami Club

We will be folding a variety of animals and geometric shapes. Led by Lucas Gustafson, a high schooler who started folding at the age of 6 and is a longtime member of the Origami Club at MIT.


Ages 7+

Sci-Fi Book Discussion: The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula LeGuin thumbnail Photo

Sci-Fi Book Discussion: The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula LeGuin

Genly Ai, an ethnologist from the Ekumen, a federation of planets, has embarked on a mission to persuade the leaders on the frigid planet he calls Winter to join the Ekumen. Ai must tread carefully through the shifting political climate and alliances between neighboring states, but finds himself most bewildered by Winter’s inhabitants, who have no gender, except for a brief period each month called kemmer, when a person becomes male or female. What are the implications for society when a person may father a child one month and bear a child another? Led by Marcy Maiorana.