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I watched that book!

If you've been spending more time than usual with your TV in the past year, you're not alone. It wasn't just cable news that saw an uptick in viewship in 2020. Many of us wanted to escape reality and to stream our favorite shows. If the shows you loved were based on books, why not borrow some of those books and rediscover your favorite stories? Here are a few books you may have watched.

How well do you know Charles Dickens?

Considered one of the greatest novelists of his era, Charles Dickens wrote 15 novels and created more than a thousand memorable characters. Many of his works have stood the test of time and are still widely available today. But how much do you know about this author and his lasting legacy?

Resolutions, goal setting, and habits

Are you someone who likes setting new goals at the start of each new year? Many of us have good intentions when it comes to making changes in our lives, but we don't all have the tools needed to achieve our goals. No matter the goal, experts agree that the key to achieving them begins with good habits.

Digitized Materials

Digitized Materials Looking for some great sites to visit for digitized historical items such as photos, paintings, maps, documents and books? With the following sites…