Events Calendar / November 19, 2020

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Relax and Reinvigorate with Meditation

Start your week off right with a half hour of guided meditation and other opportunities for care free relaxation techniques!

Join us the third Thursday of each month as Leslie teaches us valuable techniques to relax and reinvigorate before the stresses of the week take hold. With Love and Gratitude is a nonprofit organization dedicated to service and education.

Email for an invitation and link to the Zoom session.

About Leslie Gabriele:

Leslie founded With Love and Gratitude in 2001. Leslie is a clairaudient, clairsentient, clairempath "energetic catalyst” who is trained in multiple healing modalities.  Leslie’s work is guided in the moment, done without attachment.

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Lifelong Learning Lecture Series: William Wordsworth: Our Contemporary

GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. Helen Heineman, President Emerita, Framingham State University

The great romantic poet William Wordsworth was born 250 years ago in a little market town in northern England. For all his distance from us, in space and time, he is our contemporary, mainly because he boldly chose himself as his great and best subject. His masterpiece is The Prelude, a poem of 13 books in iambic pentameter, never published in his lifetime and often called the finest 19th century English autobiography. He lived the longest of the tragically short-lived Romantic poets like Keats and Shelley, but was the most original. Resisting the influence of his 18th century forebears, he insisted on using the real language of people, and traced his creative life back to his infancy, prefiguring recent child psychology and the work of Freud. The Prelude’s first two books are the best, and this talk will concentrate on these, while summarizing the remainder, which encompass more than half his life. His daring subject is the birth of the creative imagination, as he gives the reader the experience of his childhood and young adulthood with vivid and haunting power. The lecture will also include images of his surroundings in paintings and drawings of his time. 

Please email to receive a Zoom link.

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Online Poetry Workshop with Alan Feldman


Led by Alan Feldman, Professor Emeritus at Framingham State University

This class welcomes serious poets of all ages and levels of experience who would like to participate for one or more sessions. We begin with a discussion of a topic in poetry. Poets may discuss their work. If you are new to the group and would like to participate, please email