When Framingham became a town in 1700, the first official town meetings were held in the Meeting House, which also served as a church. Later, a separate meeting house was built on the common at Framingham Center. This building was known as Village Hall.

In 1950, Framingham had an "open town meeting" form of government, which means all voters in Framingham were members and could vote at the Town Meetings. As Framingham continued to grow there wasn't a building large enough for everyone to attend Town Meetings. Because of this Framingham changed to "representative town meeting," which means voters choose a number of their neighbors to represent them at Town Meetings. A voting district, called a precinct, elects twelve representatives. Two hundred and four (204) town meeting members from seventeen (17) precincts vote for the rest of the people in Framingham.

Each year in April, Town Meeting begins the week following elections. These evening meetings begin at 7:30 pm and sometimes continue until 11:00 pm for several weeks. The "warrant" is a list of articles describing the questions which Town Meeting Members will discuss.

An elected moderator serves as Chairman of Town Meeting. This person keeps order in the meeting and announces all votes. He or she manages all actions with strict parliamentary procedure. He or she chooses Town Meeting Members and other citizens to serve on Committees which study town problems. Any citizen may run for election as a Town Meeting Member. Any citizen may attend Town Meeting and speak about one of the articles. Any citizen may add an article to the town warrant and appear as a sponsor.

Five Selectmen are elected in town-wide elections to ensure that Framingham is governed by the laws passed at Town Meeting. They also choose the Police Chief, Fire Chief, Town Counsel, Town Engineer, the Town Manager, and other department heads. The Town Manager assists the part time Selectman with the daily work of running the government. The School Committee, Board of Public Works, Planning Board, Library Board, Park Commissioners, and Health Commissioners are all elected groups that carry out or execute Town Meeting decisions.

Recreation and Activities

Framingham Park and Recreation Department

The Framingham Parks & Recreation Department ( supervises all parks, playgrounds, and facilities, including town beaches, indoor pools, fitness courses, gyms, and recreation programs. Facilities are available for Framingham residents and their guests. For more information call 508-532-5960 or visit the office at 475 Union Avenue. If you are not a Framingham resident, look under the Park & Recreation Department of your town in your phone book.

Local Museums

Danforth Museum of Art
14 Vernon St., Framingham, MA 01701
Telephone: 508-620-0050
Features six galleries of acclaimed exhibitions highlighting museum's collection of 19th and 20th century American art. The museum school offers a full range of studio art classes year round, for all ages.

Framingham History Center
Corner of Vernon & Grove Sts., at Framingham Common P.O. Box 2032,
Framingham, MA 01702
Telephone: 508-626-9091
Explore Framingham's Historical past. Visit the Framingham History Center in the Old Academy Museum. View the collection of photographs, dolls, furniture, and antique tools.

Garden in the Woods
180 Hemenway Rd., Framingham
Telephone: 508-877-7630
New England's premier wildflower garden displaying over 1,600 varieties of plants, including over 200 rare and endangered species. As the botanical garden of the New England Wildflower Society, this living museum is devoted to the conservation and exhibition of North American plants and habitats. For information about other Museums, Historic Sites and Parks see the Inside Interest Pages of the Verizon Yellow pages.

Museum Passes For free or reduced admittance to museums, see the Framingham Public Library's museum pass program here.

Local Services

City Services

Memorial Building 150 Concord St. (corner of Concord and Union Ave.), Framingham, MA
Town Telephone Directory
Memorial Building is the name of the Town Hall in Framingham. Most of the town's services have offices in the building. A list of these services is available on the town website (


Trash Pick-up and Recycling Recycle Center (permit required)

255 Mt. Wayte Ave., Framingham, MA
Solid Waste Management Dept. Telephone: 508-532-6001
Framingham has weekly curbside trash pick-up (from your sidewalk) to dispose of household waste. This includes food scraps, packaging, and unwanted items. On the same day, the town also picks up items that can be recycled which you put in a barrel next to your trash. These include glass bottles, paper, cans, cardboard boxes, drink cartons, and most plastic containers. They are sold to companies that process them and re-use them to make new products.

Framingham also recycles large appliances, electronics, furniture, tires, car oil, Christmas trees, paint, yard waste, and clothing. Some items can be picked up at your curbside, others must be taken to the Recycle Center. There is a small fee for recycling some of these items. For more information and to get a recycle bin, contact the Solid Waste Management Department.


U.S. Postal Service There is at least one United States Post Office in each town. Framingham has several branches. You can send letters and packages from any Post Office branch. Your mail will be delivered to your house or apartment if you put your name on your mailbox.


Metrowest Regional Transport Authority (MWRTA)
Telephone: 508-935-2222, 1-888-996-9782
The MWRTA, also known as The Lift, provides bus service throughout the MetroWest area. It goes through Framingham, Natick, Holliston, Ashland, Hopkinton, Milford, Marlborough, and Southborough. The system also stops at the downtown Framingham train station and all the area high schools. Fare is $1.50. Transfers from one MWRTA bus to another are free.

In addition to MWRTA, Framingham has the following public transportation services:

MBTA Commuter Rail (train)
Worcester - Framingham - Boston
Telephone: 617-222-3200 or 1-800-392-6100

Amtrak Intercity Trains
Boston - Framingham - Washington
Boston - Framingham - Chicago
Telephone: 1-800-872-7245

Logan Express Bus Services
Shoppers' World - Logan Airport
Telephone: 508-872-8521

Peter Pan Bus Routes
Telephone: 1-800-343-9999
Worcester - Framingham - Boston
Express to Boston via Mass Pike

Greyhound Bus Lines
Greyhound Telephone: 1-800-231-2222
Boston - New York; Hartford, CT; or Springfield, MA
Boston - Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; or Baltimore, MD