For more information on finding work, see the Job-Hunting Information Guide.

Job Services

Department of Transitional Assistance
300 Howard Street, Framingham
Telephone: 1-877-382-2363
Job-skills training and education, job-search assistance, post-employment support for individuals receiving DTA assistance.

Employment Options, Inc.
82 Brigham Street, Marlboro
Telephone: 508-485-5051
Vocational training and employment, education, housing, and family services to persons with mental illnesses.

Employment and Training Resources
1671 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01701
Telephone: 508-766-5700
Provides individual training programs and career services such as resume writing and interviewing skills. Accepts referrals from the Department of Transitional Assistance. Provides support for economically disadvantaged clients with financial barriers to employment and provides individual training programs.

Tempo Young Adult Resource Center
68 Henry St., Framingham
Telephone: 508-879-1424
Confirm schedule prior to visiting. Provides young adults aged 17-24 with community based career and education counseling services and job placement. Offers numerous workshops.

MetroWest Career Center, SMOC
7 Bishop Street, Framingham, MA 01702
Telephone: 508-620-2677
A wide range of career and employment services. Public access to computer resources. Workshops on resume writing, applying for college, and introduction to Microsoft Word and Excel are held on a regular basis.

MetroWest Center for Independent Living, Inc.
280 Irving St. Framingham 01702
Telephone: 508-875-7853
Helps people with disabilities learn to live more independently. Peer Advocates provide one-to-one services to individuals. Services include intake/assessment, peer counseling, advocacy, independent living skills training, and information and referral. Spanish/Portuguese.

Young Parents Program, SMOC
7 Bishop Street, Framingham, MA 01702
Telephone: 508-872-4853
Provides vocational training, employment, and college placement, access to housing, and counseling assistance. To be eligible, a person must be receiving assistance from DTA (TAFDC) or living at home, parenting or pregnant, and between 14 -21. Services are available to males and females.

Finding Work

Help Wanted

See the Job Hunting Information Guide for links to online job listings.

Researching Companies

A good place to start is the Framingham Public Library. Library research can help you identify companies you might want to work for, provide you with information about those companies, give you salary information, give you state-of-the-art information about your field, and help you demonstrate in an interview that you are already knowledgeable about the company. A reference librarian can help you locate this information in books and online.

July 2015