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Danforth Art Reception

Children in grades K-5 were inspired by a weekly question designed to promote curiosity and critical thinking. The Danforth featured nine different questions such as How was that made? and What time is it?

Curiosity is the first element necessary to think like an artist. When we wonder about the world around us, we are always learning, always exploring, always discovering. Artists spend a lot of time looking closely, wondering why, and using creative expression to explore pathways to understanding.

Children in grades 6-8 enjoyed classes designed around specific artistic materials and methods, developing skills and concepts. Class topics included: Comics, Cartoons, & Manga, Prints & Collage, Sculpture Explored, Painting & Drawing and new this year, Fashion Design.

McAuliffe Craft Ladies - Fall Craft thumbnail Photo

McAuliffe Craft Ladies - Fall Craft

The McAuliffe Craft Ladies are back with an adult craft night! Create your own rustic fall pumpkin decorative box. Use it to hold your keys, candy, dog biscuits or fake votive candle.

Space is limited and registration is required. Please fill out the registration form at this link: LINK WILL BE LIVE ON SEPTEMBER 27.