Events Calendar / May 03, 2024

Baby and Me Yoga thumbnail Photo

Baby and Me Yoga

6 weeks - Precrawlers and their Caregivers

Join Jessica Spaman, owner of Emotions In Motion, for a 45-minute baby & me yoga class filled with movement, mindfulness, and connection. Enjoy fun bonding time, movement & mindfulness to nourish the body and mind, and a welcoming and supportive space to connect and make new friends for you and your baby. Best for pre-walkers.

Book Buddies: Reading to Dogs (Duncan) thumbnail Photo

Book Buddies: Reading to Dogs (Duncan)

​Improve your reading skills by reading aloud to your new Book Buddy. Registration required. Call or drop by to sign up for a time slot. 

Registro requerido! Ligue para 508-532-5570 x4 para se registrar. Melhore suas habilidades de leitura de maneira divertida, lendo em voz alta. Todas as idades.

¡Se requiere registrarse! Llame al 508-532-5570 x4 para registrarse. Mejore sus habilidades de lectura de forma divertida leyendo en voz alta. Todas las edades.

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Chinese Paper Cutting

Ages 6+

We will be celebrating AAPI month by honoring the tradition of Chinese paper cutting. Used in festivals, weddings and other major life events to decorate interior spaces, doors and windows, artists create intricate and complicated patterns to express beauty, well wishes and life aspirations. The art of Chinese paper cutting dates back to the creation of paper itself by Cai Lun in 105 CE, but there are records of Chinese artists carving patterns in thin materials such as leaves, silk and leather from even earlier! 


Our Commitment to Cultural Respect: At Framingham Public Library, we believe in honoring and respecting all cultures. This event aims to educate participants about the cultural significance of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Our activity is designed to inspire creativity while fostering cultural sensitivity and respect.

Friday Night Film: Wonka (PG, 2023, 1h 57m) thumbnail Photo

Friday Night Film: Wonka (PG, 2023, 1h 57m)

Enjoy Timothée Chalamet as Willy Wonka, the eccentric owner of the Wonka Chocolate Factory, in this musical comedy! Learn the story of how the young Willy Wonka defied greedy chocolatiers to open his own chocolate factory.

Doors open at 6:30. Refreshments provided.