Events Calendar / November 18, 2023

Graphic Novel Author Talk: Jannie Ho thumbnail Photo

Graphic Novel Author Talk: Jannie Ho

Do you love reading graphic novels? Learn the creative process in creating one! From brainstorming story ideas to designing compelling characters, we will learn how a manuscript goes from the initial sketches to final art. We will explore comics vocabulary such as panels and word balloons as we work on our very own 4-panel comic! Ages 5+

Jannie Ho (pronounced Jane-nee) loves making books for kids and has illustrated over 75 books. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Philadelphia, Jannie is the illustrator of the early reader graphic novel FRY GUYS with NY Times bestselling author Eric Geron. She is also the author/illustrator of HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, a Festive Counting Story, BEAR AND CHICKEN, and THE LOST MITTEN. Jannie is the creator of the comic SUPER CHICKEN AND SHELLY, which is a regular feature in Highlights for Children's High Five Magazine. She lives in Framingham with her family.

Book Buddies: Reading to Dogs (Arden) thumbnail Photo

Book Buddies: Reading to Dogs (Arden)

​Improve your reading skills by reading aloud to your new Book Buddy. Registration required. Call or drop by to sign up for a time slot. 

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¡Se requiere registrarse! Llame al 508-532-5636 x4 para registrarse. Mejore sus habilidades de lectura de forma divertida leyendo en voz alta. Todas las edades.